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Choco-Pan product information

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How to cover a cake with Choco-Pan®:

- First, frost cake with buttercream, making sure the side and top are covered completely. 

- Cool or freeze the frosted cake for 5-10 minutes. 

- Lightly dust a clean, dry surface with powdered sugar. 

- Remove the desired portion of Choco-Pan® from container and knead to soften product. (If Choco-Pan® has been frozen or refrigerated, it must be brought back to room temperature before completing this step) 

- Next, roll it thin on the dusted surface with a rolling pin or fondant sheeter. 

- After rolling, place the over the cooled cake and gently drape the sides. 

- Smooth the top and sides using a fondant smoothing tool and trim excess. 

- Knead the trimmings back into remaining and re-seal container. 

CAUTION : When using a microwave to warm or soften Choco-Pan®, use the lowest setting possible. Overheating may cause Choco-Pan® to breakdown and become unworkable. Test temperature before handling. 

These are some of the unique attributes of Choco-Pan®: 

- Delicious and unique flavor 

- Drapes beautifully over cake without drying and cracking 

- Pliable and easy to handle - Can be frozen and/or refrigerated 

- Shelf life of one (1) year if stored in cool, dry environment 

- Accepts coloring and flavoring 

- Rolls thin to cover up to 60% more than other brands

Choco-Pan Colors Available ® 

- Red

- Hot Pink

- Orange

- Black (chocolate flavor)

- Green

- Lime

- Pink

- Blue

- Navy

- Yellow

- Purple

- Noire (dark brown - chocolate flavor)

- Blanc (light ivory)

- Wedding White (soft white)

- Bright White

- Pastel Blue

- Pastel Green

- Pastel Yellow

- Pastel Purple